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Advertising Your Free Web
Page Ads/URLs Online & Offline?

Unlike many Internet classified ads, again, your ad will be a Web Page Ad having its own unique URL Web Address, allowing your Business the option to be seen all over the Internet for free!

You can now use your Web Page Ad with URL to "direct sell" your items, or use it to draw Visitors to your Store location or main website from anywhere on the Internet using the Free or low cost marketing resources.

Our large Web Page Ads allow enough room of text for several products and/or services, you can even include a photo of your Business or products!

Since you can place up to three links in your Web Page Ad, you can link to your own Website's home page, product page, or even your order page for people to place orders.

The best part is, that you can easily update your Web Page Ad online at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and at no additional cost!

Advertising Your Free Web Page
Ad/URL Offline:

If you're planning on advertising your free Business Web Page Ad offline, Newspapers, Magazines, Business Cards etc., instead of having potential customers type in your Web Page Ad's URL (as you know is a slightly long Web Address), make it easier for them by just having them type in the Domain of your Web Page Ad:


Then when your customers go to USA Online Mall, they'll see the in-house Search Engine immediately. You can have them enter your Ad # (last part of your URL: A00000), or your product’s name, or your Company etc., and your Business Web Page Ad will be displayed to them. Make sure though that you mention this information in your offline advertising (example: goto: www.USAonlineMall.net, type A00000 or your Company’s Name for more information).

Sample Offline Classified Ads:

World's First Changeable Banner! Letters simply slide into pockets! Goto www.usaonlinemall.net, type: A05621

Home Employment Opportunities! Honest Firms Need Your Help! Goto www.usaonlinemall.net, type: A05622

However, when promoting your Business Web Page Ad on the Internet, like in an online classified ad etc., always use your Ad's URL whenever you can, so that when Shoppers click on your URL, they’ll go directly to your Web Page Ad in the Mall, this makes it easier for your potential Customers.

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